Accountable Property Management…Guiding Your Real Estate Investment & insuring your success!

Why choose Accountable Property Management?

We treat and manage your real estate as if it were our own.
What that means to you is that we will use our knowledge and sophisticated understanding of the Greater Bay Area Rental Market to position your Rental Property to gain the maximum exposure needed to attain the highest potential value which in turn brings you more income. No matter if your property is single family, multi-family, HOA or commercial, Accountable Property Management stands ready to exceed your expectations.

Our Property Management business was founded on the principles of hard work, integrity, responsibility and accountability. We focus on operational excellence, enhancing values and maximizing revenue for investors and owners alike while providing the highest quality of living for our valued tenants.


Carolyn has been managing my rental for two years. I was impressed when I met her and she has exceeded my expectations ever since. Repairs get done quickly, she attracts good tenants, her paperwork is easy to understand, and she updates me in a timely manner. But what really sets Carolyn apart from the others is her total commitment to customer satisfaction. A neighbor recently complained about a supposedly dangerous tree on my property. Not only did she negotiate a reduced rate for removing it, she tried to get the neighbor to share the costs. Another recent example is a notice that I received from the city of Hayward that was so vague that I had no idea how to address it. She kept on contacting City Hall until someone came out and showed her what they wanted. I doubt there is any other person who would do this!
Jules M.
I have been a vendor of Accountable Property Management for years. They have the highest integrity and personal care for every tenant and contractor who works for them. I will always recommend them.
Ben F.
We've been with Carolyn and Adolph Ward for over 4 years going on 5 years in January 2015 at the same property. We've had repairs that were fixed ASAP. Some were done on an emergency when our valve was leaking in our upstairs toilet and was done first thing in the morning. We had numerous repairs such as our garage door, refrigerator, washer, and dryer and all were done within a few days or sooner.
Mandy M.